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909 Modify 510 Rebuilding Tool for DotAIO

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909 Modify 510 Rebuilding Tool for DotAIO

The 909 Modify 510 Rebuilding Tool is designed for DotAIO V1 & V2. It provides a platform for re-wicking and dry firing when placed inside a DotAIO. With a direct 510 connection, users are no longer need to carry any 510 mod, just one simple rebuilding tool serves the same purpose. 909 rebuilding tool is also equipped with 2 hidden coil jigs for your daily builds.

*Compatible With Dotmod DotAIO V1 & V2

* Equipped with 2 coil jigs (2.5mm & 3.0mm)

* Gold Plated Contact For Better Conduction.

* Stainless Steel Construction


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